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Water colors - Art by Ellen

"The mere sense of living is joy enough" (Emily Dickinson)

Ever felt that intense feeling of happiness – you can't describe it - life feels intoxicating and magical - for no other apparent reason than you are happy to be…

This is the essence in my paintings – happiness, humor, energy, and enthusiasm. I use strong vibrant colors to reflect this. Shapes, pattern and color are important. I use mainly acrylics, but also water colors.

Read Press Release from Agora Gallery, New York

In 2007 I was very lucky to be asked to be part of a work group in order to establish a Norwegian Fashion Institute. Norwegian Fashion Institute went live in 2009.

I have taken art classes with local Norwegian Artists such as
Craig Flannagan
and ceramist Kjell Johannessen.

Ellen Marlen Hamre

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